Calvin Klein Cologne and Perfume

February 28, 2009

The Calvin Klein brand is a world-renowned name in the fashion and fragrance industry. Each scent brings out exquisite and unique characters that appeal to the discriminating perfumery market.  Top designer Calvin Klein is the creative genius behind the most successful perfumes and colognes in the market today. He had made his mark in the fragrance industry by introducing the first shared fragrance, CK One followed by CK Be.

CK One was created by Calvin Klein in 1994.  Itís a mix of refreshing fruity scents with notable tones of oranges, lemons, jasmine, rose, patchouli, bergamot, mandarin, cardamom, pineapple, papaya, hedione, lily of the valley, green tea, oak moss, cedar, sandalwood, musk and amber. CK One fragrance is called a ìsharedî fragrance targeted to both men and women. Its youthful and casual scent was meant to target the early twentyís market. CK One’s first release was a huge success, topping the millionth mark within the first week.

CK One was designed by top perfumers Alberto Morillas and Harry Fremont. They created a fragrance that appealed to the pop culture of the 90ís. The light, fleeting, fresh scent was embraced by the young generation. Even today, the CK One never lost its spark in the young market.

Taking off from the huge success of CK One, Calvin Klein created another shared fragrance called CK Be. Its ingredients boast a masculine scent with pronounced notes of bergamot, juniper berry, mandarin, mint, magnolia, peach, sandalwood, opoponax and tonka bean.

A CK Be user from Connecticut describes it as classic and timeless:

I’ve been wearing CkBe for the past 16 years of my life. As a woman, I’ve gotten some strange glances while pulling my sleek, black bottle out to re-apply the earthy shared fragrance. This fragrance is part of the family of “aromatic fougere”, which is the “center of the fragrance family universe”. It encompasses & embodies a hint of EACH & every fragrance family…it’s the definition of “classic fragrance”. Not a day goes by that I don’t catch a compliment and at least one, “What IS that fragrance? It’s amazing!” When I tell them, they are usually stunned that something so seemingly simple, clean, and “everyday” could be so wonderfully complimentary and fuse with one’s natural pheromones.

Today, Calvin Klein continues to create innovative ideas in the fashion and fragrance industry. His brand bespeaks quality, sophistication and versatility.

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