Guerlain Aqua Allegoria

Guerlain is a powerhouse in perfumerie. If you’re looking for serious, deep, long-lasting perfumes, Guerlain is the house to turn to. With longest running perfumes like Mitsouko, Jicky, and Shalimar, this house has become a venerated name in beauty. Or dare we say dated?! To revamp the olden image of great and fabulous Guerlain has updated its serious, multi-century image with some fresh young perfumes through it Aqua Allegoria series.

Simple these perfumes may be, but I think there is something to be appreciated and loved in these soliflore scents. In the realm of abstractions, bare simplicity, and play-on-light-and-colors decoration and fashion trends, the stripped down natural plainness is a deeply introspective turn that is fresh and youthful at once. Aqua Allegoria successfully introduces Guerlain to the younger crowds in a lovable manner.

Pampelune is French for grapefruit and that is exactly this perfume what this smells like. One spray fills the air like somebody might be peeling a pinky orange grapefruit nearby. It doesn’t offer the sweet and depth of the pulpy pink fruit inside. Rather it’s gives off the wonderfully acrid and tangy smell a just-torn peel. It opens with a hint of lemon zest and fills out with just a small touch of orange blossoms. But it’s definitively grapefruit through and through. Pampelune is the perfect fresh spritz for a breezy summer evening.

Mandarine-Basilic oozes of fresh and sweet mini oranges. It smells like the freshest squeeze of the best oranges you’ve ever eaten in your life. It’s delicious, it’s juicy, it’s pulpy, and it’s an all-natural orange delight. Mandarine-Basilic is not your typical abstract citrus, bergamot and spice spray. Rather this orange scent is matched with natural leaves of basil that lift and freshen the scent even more.

Figue-Iris is powdered cream and sugar. The fig and the iris mix in a soft and earthy way so that this scent is absolutely irresistible. The sweetness is not like candy or fruits. Rather it’s an earthy, creamy floral sweetness that truly enhances the delicate fig smell to perfection. There are hints of milky almond and vanilla cream that allow this scent to constantly shift so as to invite repeated sniffs.

Laurier-Reglisse is a blast of laurel leaves. It’s bright, green and citrus-like. In the opening all you smell is green leaves. The rich sensation is so natural it’s alarming. But as the fragrance opens up, hints of lemon peel and juicy lime start to stand out. At the base there are soft hints of woods and amber. But overall this scent never stops smelling like delicious, refreshing and ultimately wearable green leaves. Laurier-Reglisse is a true invigorating delight.


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