Versace Bright Crystal

April 10, 2009

versace-bright-crystalVersace Bright Crystal for women is a pinky floral fragrance. It comes in a very cute, rosy gem-like bottle. The large oblong crystal stopper that looms above the teeny-tiny bottle makes it look even more cute and ridiculous than it already is. The bottle may be a bit over the top, but the fragrance is far from that. Playing on the cutesy, pinky theme—the fragrance is a bright floral mélange of magnolia, lotus and peony. The flowers are uplifted by a hint of bright yuzu which, like a grapefruit, is very citrusy and tangy, and not at all sweet. This fragrance is a sheer take on simple florals. It is very likeable, wearable and not at all offensive. And the obvious plus of a Versace Bright Crystal purchase is the bottle’s absolutely darling, much-too-large crystal stopper.

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Versace Colognes: Eau Fraiche, Man & Pour Homme

April 8, 2009

Versace perfumes are praise-worthy for their bottles alone. Eau Fraiche, one of these said perfumes, features a covetable, collectible and oh-so-gaudy bottle. Clear rivets of cotton candy blue are presented in an ultra-frivolous way that is, for its ability to delight and amuse, totally necessary. The liquid part of Eau Fraiche is, on the other hand, far from a pleasurable romp through frou-frou gaudiness. This fragrance is a simple chypre scent made of wood, citrus and greenness. It begins with a cool lemon mist, whose freshness is enhanced by the sweetness of starfruit and a bite of greenness. There is an underlying spiced woody accord that is made up of sycamore, amber and tarragon. Eau Fraiche is a refreshing copy of the common manly chypre colognes. But for what the bottle’s wow-factor is worth, it’s a definite must-buy.

versace-man-cologneVersace Man, which comes in a similarly studded and riveted purple bottle, is, in contrast to Eau Fraiche, yummy opulence. Versace Man has a chypre quality that comes out with the mix of bergamot, neroli and woods. But this fragrance is enhanced and confused (that can be a good thing, believe it or not) with cardamom, tobacco, labdanum and saffron. This scent is a sweeter and smokier chypre scent, if that is at all a possibility. It is a distinct scent that can come across as overpowering.

Versace Pour Homme plays on the idea of simplicity in both packaging and juice. The packaging strays from the typical trends of opulent marketing a la Donatella Versace’s creative vision. Pale blue liquid is encased in a rather stylish and sophisticated bottle. The front surface is a perfect gem-cut rectangular face. And the bottle’s wall is thickened at the base so that the liquid looks as if it is suspended. The pared down look is matched with a light—yes, you guessed it—chypre scent. The citrus spray comes across as a bit sweeter than most, perhaps this is the orange blossoms coming through. The base notes of wood are a bit sweeter as well—a little bit of vanilla and nut, which is probably the tonka bean standing out. This is a creamier, more soothing version of a man’s chypre cologne.

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Pure Purple by Hugo Boss

April 6, 2009

Pure Purple by Hugo Boss is a harmony of florals and fruits that features the endearing sweetness of nectarine and white cyclamen. This delicate scent, sweet as it is, doesn’t come off as too sugary. The heart notes is a fusion of black violet flowers while the base notes caps it off with sweet marzipan, amber and leather accords. This perfume was concocted by Lutz Herrman and was presented to the market in 2006.

Pure Purple Hugo BossClassified as an urbane fragrance, Pure Purple leaves a pleasant scent with a twist of innocence in it. The interplay of romance and feminine softness radiates an aura of freshness that reminds you of the powder-y scent of baby lotion. A perfume critic quipped, “I get a light baby powder scent as well.
It’s kind of like a floral baby powder with vanilla in it. Or better yet, you just got out of the shower (in which you used vanilla body wash and conditioner) and you started to get powered up and dressed next to a huge bouquet of flowers.”

The sweetness of marzipan was mellowed down by the leather accords and ambery-musk notes. Another perfume fan added, “One thing is the violet notes blended with the leather and marzipan accords are so strangely fantastic combined. It gives the vibe of a unusual gourmand , but in a good way, fragrance.”
Pure Purple is housed in an elegant and transparent lilac bottle. The quintessential shape is structured like a healing gem.

Originally, Hugo Boss is a designer brand  that caters to men’s apparel. After 70 years since its founding, it launched its perfume collection that  features men’s and women’s fragrances. The first Hugo Boss fragrance was introduced in 1993 and since then the fashion house continues to create unique scents that appeals even to the most discriminating scent palates.

The One perfume by Dolce & Gabbana

April 3, 2009

The One PerfumeThe One perfume epitomizes the fragrance that bespeaks the modern woman’s character – glamorous, passionate and daring. The fragrance embraces the essence of classicism and allure with its warm and sensual notes. Created with an oriental floral base, the top notes boast a lush ambiance sparkling with sun-kissed oranges and succulent peaches and lychees. The heart notes melt into a feast of florals that features jasmine, lily of the valley, white lily sprinkled with hints of fruity plum. The base lingers with nuances of warm vanilla and ambery-muck notes.

The One is inimitably feminine to the scent palate. A whiff of this lovely fragrance evokes images of an exceptional woman who is refreshingly vibrant, young and tempting. One perfumista commented, “Awesome!Amazingly tart and sexy! There is something mysterious in the way it smells, a specific mix of sweet,sour,floral,fruit and something like mint. The design of the bottle is simple but in the good way.” A husband has these thoughts about The One,”I love D&C The One [EDP] on my Wife… wrapped in it and she comes around to spread sensual sparks of a very balanced fruity / floral aroma of breath-taking substance for me to feel her presence …as a distinctive “One”. Sheer & subtle fragrance keeps her fold under a warm and romantic gown to deliberately attract me to feel my “GOLDEN” beauty deeply!” Another perfume fan gives The One plus points, “I’m very pleasantly surprised with this perfume, as I didn’t expect something so elegant being produced these days. The top and middle notes are flowers with honey, intertwined with something I couldn’t name as I’m not so good in tracing the notes. It reminds me of my childhood – that specific note. It’s very soft but highly sophisticated. It would suit a woman of any age and for various occasions, but mostly something special like for instance going to the theatre or concert, or special dinner. You can’t be dressed down for this one, it exudes exclusivity and original style.”

The One is packaged in a simple golden sun-colored yet opulent-looking bottle. It’s tagged as an everyday scent; sillage dissipates into faint hints of delicate floral-muck undertones.

The One was launched in 2006 and is available in 1.6 oz and 2.5 oz eau de parfum spray.