Masaki Matsushima Mat

May 19, 2009

MAT-perfumeMat is another great light perfume from another great Japanese fashion designer. But, for its soapy green character, Mat by Masaki Matsushima stands out from the mix of other light florals scents. A combination of greenness, melon, herbal notes and florals makes Mat an unbeatable fragrance for atmospheric perfume lovers.

Sweet watery melon notes are mixed with light airy tea leaves. To enhance the leafy, dry character, bits of parsley, juniper and mint are added to the mix. Then, to counter the refreshing herbal dryness, earthy florals like lotus, rose and jasmine stand at the heart. A slight hint of musk and wood sit at the base to offer complexity and depth. But overall, this fragrance is a sweet, earthy perfume that is ironically fresh and green.


Perfume 101: Top Nose Caroline Sabas

May 15, 2009

Heard the eye-opening critical acclaim for Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy? Caroline Sabas, a celebrity-friendly Givaudan perfumeur, is behind that mystical gourmand fragrance. With a penchant for mass-market trends and youthful productions, Caroline Sabas is actually a true genius. She takes pop and popularity, and then gives it a twist. By adding a thoughtful edge, Sabas makes what is typical new again.

Many might scoff at typicality or trends in perfumerie. But after sniffing one of Sabas’ top-selling perfumes, those hard-headed perfumistas usually go a little soft-hearted. If you’re looking for that crowd pleasing fragrance with just a little touch of innovation and thought, try a Caroline Sabas perfume. She gives the market what it loves with a just little something more.

Caroline Sabas has a star studded resume of top perfumes, including: Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy, Miami Glow and Sunkissed Glow by J. Lo, Ed Hardy Women, Cannabis Santal Fresh, and Badgley Mischka Couture. And not to forget, Sabas also had a creative hand, under the direction of Ann Gottlieb, in the construction of Secret Obsession.

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Baby Doll by YSL

May 12, 2009

baby-doll-perfumeBaby Doll perfume explores the youthful side of the modern woman. She’s charmingly sweet and exceptionally fascinating. She knows how to have fun without compromising her sensitive side. This floral-fruity scent from the YSL fragrance house brings out a delightful sweetness where fun and play mingle. The top notes include succulent and freshly-picked fruits: blackcurrant, mandarin, apple and pineapple. The heart notes features a lovely bouquet of flowers: rose, freesia, lily of the valley and heliotrope. The base brings fades into warm and balmy undertones: cedar, sandalwood, Tonka bean and vanilla.
This feminine fragrance bespeaks a sophisticated woman who is not ashamed to let out the child in her once in a while. Baby Doll is girly and sugary-sweet but not cloyingly sweet to displease the noses. It’s wonderfully formulated with the right amount of fruits and floral accords for that distinct vivacious scent.

First time users were surprised by its interesting scent, “I was expecting something really sweet since I read it was ‘for the younger crowd’. The top notes are definitely grapefruit and rose, but they fade to a really nice floral with hints of citrus. I think anyone of any age could wear this, especially for spring/summer!” While it’s marketed as a floral-fruity fragrance, Baby Doll is certainly not a light fragrance. A few spritz is certain to last all day. Another perfume review quipped, “The first initial spray is a strong citrusy burst of pineapple and orange which smells a lot like tropical fruit juice, but in a nice way. The fragrance quickly mellows, and although you can still smell the citrus notes, there are more flowery notes like rose and lily of the valley. Wearing this fragrance is a lot of fun and makes you feel really girly and casual. However, be warned that this perfume is rather strong and that it has been known to give people headaches if used in large quantities.”

YSL’s Baby Doll collection also includes Baby Doll Candy Pink, Baby Doll Magic, Baby Doll Honeymoon and Baby Doll Lucky Game.

Ralph Lauren Perfume

May 8, 2009

One of the most widely recognized brands in the contemporary world, Ralph Lauren has an appeal that is hard to resist. Ralph Lauren perfumes for women cater to the wide variety of personalities and moods. From delicate Romance to daring Hot, every fragrance is unique.

Lauren Classic

Launched by the design house of Ralph Lauren in 1978, the flowery fragrance of Lauren is still widely popular. A blend of green florals, violet, carnation, rose and rare wood spices makes this fragrance a classic and sophisticated daytime wear.


Romance for Women has a classic flowery fragrance with notes of fresh rose, ginger, marigold and violet. A sensual blend of exotic flowers and seductive musk, this ultra-feminine perfume comes in a classic glass bottle with a silver cap.


This luxury edition eau de parfum possesses extravagant floral aromas intermingled with warm golden amber, smooth sandalwood and the striking Tibetan goji berry for an exotic fruity twist.


Provocative and spicy, this captivating scent with notes of deep black currant, decadent chocolate cosmos and sensual patchouli musk is for the woman who commands the attention of the room. Described as glamorous and intriguing, Notorious has an addictive sparkling fragrance that is hard to resist.


This youthful spirited fragrance embodies the personality of today’s young woman. A combination of green apples, reviving orange mandarin, striking pink magnolia, Japanese osmanthus, seductive purple freesia and delicate blue musk makes this fragrance a popular office wear.

Ralph Wild

Themed on freedom and fun, this fragrance uses a juicy mix of strawberries and watermelons with hints of cherry blossom, sheer jasmine and red rose petals. Projected as a young and carefree fruity floral fragrance, this line is popular with the youth.

Ralph Hot

The sexy and flirtatious theme of this line is brought on by a combination of sensual mocha cream, spicy cinnamon and luscious maple. Launched in 2006, this vibrant scent features spices, lime, amber, fig leaf, orchid, almond blossom, vanilla, citruses, and geranium.

Ralph Cool

An elegant and luxurious evening wear that combines floral scents with subtle notes of musk, Ralph cool is recommended for a romantic evening. Presented in a bright magenta bottle with a deep turquoise cap, this fragrance possesses a blend of rich, alluring florals with subtle hints of woods and musk.

Pure Turquoise

A culmination of cassis, night blooming cereus, and patchouli make this fragrance a beautiful magical experience. The unique scent comes in a beautiful bottle ornamented with turquoise detailing.


A floral fragrance launched in 2001, Glamorous combines notes of Clementine, arum lily, tuberose, ginger, vetiver and frangipani. A scent for the enchanting woman, this fragrance is recommended as evening wear.

A milder and more delicate version of Glamorous, Glamorous Daylight was launched by the design house in 2003. Although similar in composition, the two lines differ in the moods conveyed by them. Glamorous Daylight is an exquisite blend of dewy pearl flower, Kona plumeris, Casablanca lily, exotic Siam wood, and Cashmere musk.

Overview of Versace Perfumes

May 1, 2009

One of the most successful fashion brands in the world, Versace was launched by Gianni Versace in the year 1978. In 1994, with the launch of the Red Jeans perfume line, Versace entered the perfume market. With over 21 women’s fragrances and over 11 men’s colognes, Versace targets two distinct consumer groups – the wealthy socialites and the young trendsetters. Synonymous with high style, Versace perfumes signify luxury, glamour and sensuality.

Red Jeans:

The Versace brand entered the fragrance business with this feminine flowery scent. With notes of jasmine, vanilla, musk, sandalwood and lily, Red Jeans is a youthful and pleasant fragrance recommended for casual wear.


The signature line of the design house, this floral creation of Donatella Versace contains notes of Blackcurrant, Wisteria, Lilac, Lotus, Orchid, Jasmine, Musk, Vetiver and Cedar.

Versace Woman, introduced in 2002, is an elegant yet playful fragrance with notes of Frangipani Blossoms and Leaves, Eglantine, Padparadscha Lotus, Musk, Amber and Plum.

Crystal Noir:

Introduced in 2004, this seductive feminine fragrance has a sweet blend of gardenia, peony, amber, sandalwood, and Orange Blossom. The floral-oriental scent that makes a woman feel elegant and sensual comes housed in a black glass bottle with violet detailing and a huge diamond-cut stopper.

Jeans Couture:

A blend of Orange Flower, Plum, Freesia, Iris, Black Jasmine, Musk, Heliotrope, and Vetiver make this fragrance a chic daytime wear.

A more glamorous version of this line, Versace Jeans Couture Glam is sensual, modern and ultra feminine. With top notes of diamond aldehyde, mandarin leaves, pink pepper, vanity rose and fushsia before and a base of amber crystals, this line is for the sophisticated woman who likes to feel precious!

Versace l’Homme:

The original men’s fragrance created by Gianni Versace in 1984, Versace l’Homme is for those seeking sophisticated originality. The spicy scent with hints of fruits, jasmine musk, wood and amber make this line a captivating fragrance. A classic perfume that can transition easily from business to casual wear, Versace l’Homme is recommended for anytime wear.

Baby Blue Jeans:

Launched in 1995, this masculine scent is classified as a sharp, spicy fragrance. Notes of mandarin, floral rosemary and iris, woodsy sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk make it a popular daytime scent.

Versace Man:

Introduced in 2003 as an elegant sophisticated scent for men, Versace Man has a strong blend of neroli, bergamot, florals, and black pepper. A sexy and modern blend, this manly scent comes in an artistic blue bottle with scalloped edges, and is recommended for evening wear.

Versace Pour Homme:

This contemporary fragrance for men combines top notes of citruses, neroli, bergamot and petit grain; middle notes of hyacinth, clary sage, cedar and geranium; and base notes of tonka bean, musk and amber. Modern in its feel and expression, Versace Pour Homme is targeted at the confident new age man who lives in harmony with nature.