Dolce & Gabbana Classics

June 10, 2009

Dolce & Gabbana, the leading Milanese atelier, has made another mark on the perfume industry with the pending release of 5 perfumes under their newest perfume line D&G Fragrance Anthology. Under the main Dolce & Gabbana name, there’s already a wonderfully riotous melee of top perfumes all vying for the top spot.

Current top-sellers include The One and The One for Men cologne. The One, a powerful modem-oriental represented by Gisele Bundchen, is just as glowing and silky as its model. The One for Men is a warming spiced scent that packs a hint of sweetness.

Coming in close second for the top Dolce & Gabbana perfume of all times is the pairing of Light Blue and Light Blue Pour Homme, a fresh citrus-floral and a light citrus-herbal, respectively.

In 1999, Dolce & Gabbana added their first fragrances to their youthful, streetwear-friendly D&G line. Both D&G Feminine, a sheer white floral with a kick, and D&G Masculine, a green citrus and spice cologne, were warmly received.

In September 2009, Dolce & Gabbana will release their newest D&G perfume. Do I detect a 10-year perfume anniversary of sorts for D&G? Whether that’s the case or not, given Dolce & Gabbana’s stellar track record with perfumes, the newest 5 perfumes are bound to be hits.


Deseo by Jennifer Lopez

June 5, 2009

desso-perfumeDeseo for Women by Jennifer Lopez is a fresh and aqua-marine like accord combination reminiscent of J.Lo’s lush flower garden. The fragrance with its abundant greens and florals come alive as it radiates floral and woodsy accords. The notes, well-blended and comely, are a concoction of watery bamboo leaves, garden yuzu, Sicilian bergamot, freesia, star jasmine, pink geranium flower, orange blossom, French mimosa, amber, oak moss, sensual musk, sandalwood, cedar wood, patchouli and mineral accord.

Deseo’s scent is full of life, invigorating and is certain to evoke an air of fleeting softness. The floral woody musk fragrance is considered a modern chypre fragrance. It corresponds nicely with the uncut diamond design of the bottle; a diamond on the rough is like J.Lo. – sensual, unique and quite complicated.

Deseo for Men, on the other hand, is a woody aromatic perfume with a tarty-toasty ambiance attributed to the tobacco leaf, orris root and guaiac wood in the mid notes. The top and base accords are similar to the women’s blend. The highlight of Deseo for Men is its tobacco leaf notes. Its sharp and light aromatic pungency is very masculine and not to mention, very sexy.

Deseo fragrances have a gentle sillage, moderate on the longevity department and a perfect wear during the cooler months of spring and fall.

Perfume reviewers think that J. Lo’s Deseo is a lovely fragrance on the overall. Good but nothing spectacular such as this comment from, “This isn’t a premium fragrance that makes me weak in the knees, but it’s a pleasantly enjoyable fresh fragrance that performs well and that maybe has a little bit of something new and original going on in it. The dry down could work for a man. ”
Deseo was introduced in 2008 and created by perfumers Ellen A. Molner and Jim Krivda.

D&G Fragrance Anthology

June 5, 2009

Naked. That’s all everyone seems to be talking about concerning the imminent launch of D&G Fragrance Anthology. With a much-anticipated release for September of this year, D&G Fragrance Anthology is making a big splash already and parent company Dolce & Gabbana seems to be enjoying all the attention.

Dolce and GabbanaD&G Fragrance Anthology is made up of 5 perfumes, each represented by a single sheath of celebrity skin. In the ad campaign, fashion photographer Mario Testino highlights (ahem, Photoshops) the buffed and bronzed bodies of Naomi Campbell, Tyson Ballou, Noah Mills, Eva Herzigova, Fernando Fernandez and Claudia Schiffer.

Maybe it’s the mention of naked celebrities that has everyone so interested in D&G Fragrance Anthology–as if the ad campaign is going to be the best part of this new perfume line. But in my mind, there’s no doubt that D&G Fragrance Anthology might be onto an interesting concept. Yea, that’s right, something more than just naked ads.

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The driving concept of D&G Fragrance Anthology is tarot cards. In case you were wondering about the random sequence of numbers: each perfume represents a tarot card.

The Dominico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana created these perfumes as images to be aspired to. (Then again, what perfume isn’t?) The tarot card concept makes these perfumes like a divine connection to some wonderful destiny. It’s like picking your choice of D&G perfume to follow in the footsteps of your favorite naked celebrity.

Tyson Ballou is Le Bateleur, a magician or juggler, a creative energetic type filled with action, determination and confidence. The juice, suited to Le Bateleur’s characteristics,  is a vibrant mix of cedar and vetiver. Naomi Campbell stands as the L’Imperatrice, the empress, naturally. Powerful beauty and sexuality are captured with a youthful floral-fruity juice.

Then for some reason, Noah Mills fills in for L’Amoureaux, the lovers, while the pair Eva Herzigova and Fernando Fernandes act as the La Roue de la Fortune, the wheel of fortune. D&G Fragrance Anthology’s L’Amoureaux denotes matters of the heart—passion, romance, pleasure. The juice is said to be an iris scent filled with herbal notes of juniper, pink pepper and cardamom. La Roue de la Fortune is intended to illustrate a drastic change of fortune, a life-changing moment. Suitably, the juice is a heady mix of earthy jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, and smoky patchouli.

And last but not least, the fair Claudia Schiffer represents La Lune, the moon. Cool dreams, imagination and romanticism are said to be characteristic of La Lune, and the juice sounds like a silky white floral with white musk.

Come September, perfumistas the world over will be able to test-drive these new high-end perfumes. That’s when, we’ll be able to see just how well D&G Fragrance Anthology extends from concept to juice. We wait eagerly, Dominico and Stefano!

Prada Amber pour Homme

June 2, 2009

prada-amber-colognePrada Amber pour Homme can be experienced as both simple and extreme. In one sense, Amber pour Homme is a clean, one-level fragrance. It’s an amber scent, it’s a clean earthy scent, it’s a clean leather scent. As a result, it’s spiced and uplifting and it’s cool and soft. But Amber pour Homme is like streamlined comfort: the bergamot opening is soft, and there is no immediate drydown-dashing of woods. It’s a rather linear scent. Then on the other end of the spectrum, when compared to light, airy fragrances, Amber pour Homme is a doozy. It’s all decadence: resins, vetiver, patchouli, cardamom, saffron, neroli. It’s a kingly combination of valued materials. So at best, Amber pour Homme is resounding and serious, yet clean and comforting. What a great paradox! And who can deny the alluring nature of this pale violet liquid? Not to mention the classy stately bottle with an awesome atomizer!

Perfume 101: Top Nose Olivier Cresp

June 1, 2009

Born in Cannes, this top nose knew from the age of 7 that he was destined for a creative profession in the fragrance industry. Olivier Cresp, the highly esteemed French perfumeur, has worked with a staggering number of top perfume houses. With a star-studded resume of solid fragrances, Cresp has the tendency not only to draw hordes of fans but also to change the course of parfumerie itself.

Dolce Gabbana light blueCresp created Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, a breezy citrus-floral perfume that became a major transition perfume. He also concocted the newest girly Nina fragrances, Nina Ricci Nina and Nina Ricci Love, which both became instant modern-classics. Other artistic results by Cresp include Kenzo Amour, Paco Rabbane Black XS, Cacharel Noa, Versace Man Eau Fraiche, Lacoste Pour Femme, Christian Dior Midnight Poison, and Yves Saint Laurent Elle.

Cresp’s industry style is steady and proliferative. He typically produces lovable sultry scents with the occasional eye-opening, floor-stopping absolutely unique perfume. Cresp’s resume can be found in a comprehensive list created by leading blogosphere perfumista, Robin at Now Smell This. Above all, Cresp is best known for the ground-breaking, trend-setting fragrance Thierry Mugler Angel which defined gourmand scents of the 1990s and has drawn an overwhelming array of followers and mimickers.

Though a bit media shy, Cresp joined in Yves Saint Laurent’s maddening media launch of Elle in 2007. Appearing online, YouTube to be exact, Cresp teamed with fellow parfumeur Jacques Cavallier to discuss their creative collaboration in producing Elle. From concept to ingredients, you can follow Cresp’s genius fragrant thoughts in this short YSL Elle video.

In interviews he has claimed that of all human characteristics he most values passion and spirituality. And perhaps this is exactly what comes through in his honest and engaging scents.