Thierry Mugler’s Liqueur de Parfums

August 24, 2009

Angel Liqueur de Parfum is Thierry Mugler‘s latest addition to its Angel series. Launched this August, this magical potion is aged in casks made of cherry wood. The same luxurious fragrance emanates in the star-shaped flacon but this time, more refined and distinct than the original.

This Parfum is transformed like a fine Cognac, maturing in a cherrywood barrel. This sensual elixir – truly a “liqueur de parfum”. The elegant black and silver packaging echoes the refined pairing of haute perfumery with the world of luxury spirits.”

angel liqueur

The classic Alien perfume has also come up with a limited edition fragrance to pair with Angel’s Liqueur de Parfum. Aged in oak casks just like rum, this flanker is dominated by rum notes, what else?

“The original Alien eau de Parfum is aged in oak casks with an exhilirating and carnal result. The sensual amber-colored fragrance radiates warmth and light from its clear-faceted glass bottle which echoes the effect of pure crystal”

alien liqueur

These limited edition  fragrances are little treasures – Angel is $98 and Alien is $95, both at 1 fl oz bottles.

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Lolita Lempicka Perfume

August 15, 2009

Lolita Lempicka. The sweetness of gourmand tamed by ivy and anise, less stifling, unusual yet captivating and not a clone of Angel by any means. The elegant and soft intriguing smell of this lovely fragrance has certainly caught the discriminating noses of gourmand-loving perfumistas. There’s no hint of cloying sweetness or the jolting smell of patchouli. None of those notes which turns people off at first instant. It’s just violet, ivy and anise blanketed by soft caramel glaze.

lolita lempicka_1

Licorice forms the base of this perfume. Green ivy, anise seed and violet add a distinct freshness to the fragrance. In the dry down, you’ll pick up woody iris, vanilla, heliotrope and Tonka.  Lolita Lempicka is warm and creamy in a strange kind of way. It’s more like earthy and damp like the wetlands and winter months when the aromatic notes of woods are in its strongest.

Here are some reviews from ardent Lolita Lempicka wearers:

“I definitely do not get the “sickly sweet” scent from this; or even the overpowering of anise – for me it is a bit “in your face” initially with the licorice but it mellows into a delicate, soft scent with enough uniqueness from the anise to keep it actually interesting.”

“Well, this was rather unexpected. I received my mini in the mail, opened, and immediately fell out of obsession with the lime and lavendar box (what a wonderful box!) I couldn’t get the scent off, no matter how many times I washed my wrist. Then, literally overnight, the olfactory-fairy sprinkled her dust of inexplicable enchantment, and I woke up craving the perfume. This just doesn’t happen. I like anise as a flavor– it’s great in cookies and other sweets (though I abhor licorice), but on me? Needless to say, something about the scent was addictive, and after a week, I’m already half-way through my mini…”

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The Dreamer by Versace

August 13, 2009

versace dreamerThe Dreamer is just like the lucid and unforgettable dream that lingers for days. You hang on to the  freshness and intensity of the thoughts because you try to discern what the dream is all about. The thoughts are sometimes, inexplicable. You feel its presence but you can’t simply grasp its meaning. Versace’s Dreamer epitomizes the mystery of dreams. It’s not your typical mainstream fragrance. It’s potent yet amazingly delicate in the long.

So what makes The Dreamer stand out from the rest?

As one perfume user puts it, “Versace is the bomb. What else can I say, when you put it on the fragrance explodes and when it tones down and combines with your natural scent it smells even better.”

This elegant cologne is consist of juniper, lily, iris, tobacco, amber and tarragon. You might get taken aback with the opening because of the potency of the notes but after the headiness diffuses, you’ll notice how it nicely settles down into a blissful metrosexual scent. It’s vibrant and distinctly contemporary.

Another interesting review from a Versace fan, “Very unique scent that will be sure to grab people’s attention because people rarely use it (let alone heard of it). I would describe it as a sweet tobacco scent that conveys sophistication but also sexiness. Longevity is great…and so is the response from the females.”

The Dreamer is for those who have tolerance for very bold notes in the opening. But once you get past it, you’ll revel on how the different notes blend together so well.

Ralph Lauren Notorious Perfume For Women

August 2, 2009

notorius ralph lauren

Soft in character, with a decadent woodsy base. Ralph Lauren’s Notorious Perfume is so aptly noted. At first whiff, the notes dissipate into a pleasant floral aroma. The middle notes linger on as the floral notes become more pronounced. Then the base develops into a nice woody floral combination, bold and begging to be recognized up close.

Notorious is inspired by the Hollywood glamor that features women in classic films, the likes of Ingrid Bergman and Faye Dunaway. These women project an air of mystery and boldness in the characters they portray onscreen. There’s a tinge of notoriety in them which makes their roles more interesting. The name and the ad campaign may be a tad overrated but the fragrance is certainly not.

The notes include black currant, pink peppercorn, bergamot, chocolate cosmos, white peonies, carnation, patchouli musk, vanilla and iris. Zibeline of described Notorious as something like a throwback fragrance in 50s and 60s.

“The opening is not peppery and focuses mostly on the black currant note with just a bit of the bergamot sparkle. Peonies and carnation intermingle pleasantly in the heart note and the patchouli adds depth and sensuality to the mix. I don’t know what cosmos smells like, chocolate or otherwise, but I do not detect a strong floral beyond the carnations and the more dominant peonies. I happen to like peonies and while many scents built around a distinct peony are cheery and pretty, Notorious takes peonies into a woodier and darker realm…”

Notorious starts off as sweet then progressively opens up to a powdery-floral structure. There are no surprises in this fragrance. Ironic as it may seem, notorious is not at all notorious.