Kenzo Air

January 10, 2010

Light as air but you can feel its presence.

Kenzo Air is the poster child for sheer and transparent fragrances. Light, airy, barely there, thin, almost invisible – I can go on and on with the list of words to describe Kenzo Air but in a nutshell, this fragrance is light, simple as that. Perfumers Maurice Roucel and Elizabeth Carre created this fragrance in 2003. Vetiver and anise are the prominent notes.

“In the air, its elegant manly presence arouses sensations of childhood, familiar impressions, jostled and reinvented.

A simple, direct, olfactory construction made with high-quality raw ingredients: star anise, vetiver and light amberwood.”  (

At first sniff, Kenzo Air is close to disappointment because the scent is so faint you can hardly detect its presence. But if you allow it to develop with an adequate amount of time, you’ll notice how the scent brings forth a surprising ambiance. The accords blend in naturally. The sillage is nothing much to rave about because Kenzo Air is a light fragrance to start with. Longevity, however, is somewhat aggressive, on my skin that is. But some reviews thought otherwise. When I sampled this fragrance, it didn’t vanish minutes after application. In this aspect, skin chemistry can be tricky.

The bottle is a work of art. The frosted blue-colored glass sculpture is like a window in the sky. The design adds value to the overall fresh character it aims to project.

In the same year, Kenzo Air Intense was also launched. The same fragrance notes as Kenzo Air but with cumin and angelica added.

Kenzo Air is available in 1.7oz and 3oz at discount perfume online store,


Beyonce Heat ~ Catch The Fever

January 2, 2010

Heat is the first fragrance from Beyonce and is set to launch in February.

Beyonce is personally involved in the development of this new fragrance (via Coty) and have collaborated with perfumers Claude Dir and Olivier Gillotin. The name “Heat” was inspired by Beyonce’s performances which have had incidents of fire in it. As for the color of the bottle, red and gold were personally hand-picked by none other than Beyonce herself. These shades according to an interview via, are her favorites. True to form, the packaging and the marketing efforts reflect Beyonce’s personality and her electrifying energy as a performer.

The fragrance is composed of the following notes: top notes are red vanilla orchid, neroli, magnolia and blush peach; middle notes are honeysuckle, nectar, almond macaroon and creme de musk; base notes are giant sequoia milkwood, tonka bean and amber.

The advertising has a tag line of  “Catch the Fever”. The TV and print ads are both steamy and sexy. Beyonce’s single “Fever” is also incorporated in the ad campaign. Beyonce Heat will be available in 1oz, 1.7oz and 3.4oz eau de parfum.

Beyonce is also the face behind Giorgio Armani’s Diamonds and Tommy Hilfiger’s True Star.