Calvin Klein’s Valentine Perfumes Part II

February 3, 2010

Eternity is classic meets contemporary. This fragrance has been around for over two decades and it still is one of the all time romantic perfumes despite the overabundance of fragrances in retail. The first Eternity was launched in 1988 and was created by perfumer Sophia Grojsman.

Eternity was inspired by Calvin Klein’s marriage to Kelly Rector. He gave her a ring with the word “eternity” inscribed.

Eternity is a floral scent. A scent from the 80s, this fragrance is quite on the strong side. But aren’t most fragrances from that era a tad overwhelming? Yes, it’s true but Eternity is a well-executed fragrance. The floral accords (freesia, mandarin, sage, muguet, white lily, patchouli and sandalwood) carries out a nice elegant combination that is so feminine.

A softer version of Eternity was released in 2004. Eternity Moment is a delightful fruity-floral fragrance with gentle hints of sweet musk. Other Eternity flankers include Eternity Rose Blush and Eternity Purple Orchid. And each year, Calvin Klein also comes up with a Summer edition of Eternity.

Calvin Klein Eternity is a promise of love. This Valentine, make it a special day with your loved one. It’s time to rekindle your vows.


Calvin Klein’s Valentine Perfumes Part I

February 1, 2010

Calvin Klein’s Obsession and Eternity are fragrances of passion and romance. These scents have become the olfactory embodiment of what it means to love and be loved. Although these fragrances were reformulated several times, the signature fragrance remains.

This Valentine, let’s go down memory lane and once again, cherish the fragrances that speaks of love, passion and romance.


When Obsession was launched in 1985, Calvin Klein wanted a fragrance that represents women as he sees them – candid, sensuous and provocative. Obsession was that fragrance. In truth, this fragrance celebrates the 80s where oriental scents were the trend. To the modern nose however, it’s thick, heavy and creamy. Some call it a blast from the past. A nostalgic journey to the 80s is more apt. Obsession is bold and warm. Ultimately, it calls attention to itself, saying, “Look at me”.

Obsession Night

Obsession Night veers away from the oriental-ness of the original. This version leans towards the citrus-lemony accords then smoothly transitions into a vanillic-woody fusion. It still has that creaminess factor but done in subtlety. It’s not too spicy nor too powdery. Some say Obsession Night is a very skilful execution of the notes – everything falls in the right place. In the end, the fragrance is simply smooth, refined and very attractive.

Obsession Sheer

The Sheer version is not as assertive as the original but it’s a wonderful scent on its own. The incense is more prominent and the musk projects the same sillage as the parent. Lighter and easier on the nose, Obsession Sheer is a nice respite from the potent aroma of Obsession.

Secret Obsession

First impression – plummy woods. Secret Obsession is a tad boozy with notes that evoke a combination of smoked woods, the sweet kind. There’s a gourmand factor in this flanker because of the rum and chocolate hints arising in the dry down. This fragrance titillates. It is not outright sexy rather, it teases and slowly unfolds a sense of anticipation.

To be continued…