The 2010 FiFi Awards: The Finalists

May 1, 2010

The 2010 FiFi Awards finalists are narrowed down to five for each category. Consumer voting shall commence on April 28. As we await the winners, let’s explore once again the candidates for this year’s Oscars of the perfumery.

Starting with the men’s luxe fragrances, the finalists are: Calvin Klein CK Free, D&G Fragrance Anthology, Givenchy Play, Diesel Only The Brave, Shiseido Zen for Men and Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. Certainly, these fragrances deserve recognition as they have captured the attention of many: the creativity that produced the fragrance and likewise, the marketing virtuoso behind each campaign.

D&G Fragrance Anthology

How can you not forget the gorgeous men and women in their nakedness wearing nothing but D&G?  The D&G Fragrance Anthology ranges from sheer lightness to juicy gourmand, from feminine to masculine to shared – take your pick!

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

A masterful take on vetiver married with salty notes, citrus essence, sunny and woody accords. Tom Ford Grey Vetiver is unabashedly masculine. The combination of amber-y woods and the cigar smoke-like aroma is addictive. Comparable to Guerlain’s Vetiver but Tom Ford is sharper and less herbal.

Calvin Klein CK Free

Airy, light, young and free: these are Calvin Klein’s inimitable trademark. CK Free opens up with crisp notes of berries, jackfruit and star anise followed by a concoction of tobacco, suede, coffee and buchu in the middle. The base caps it off with a union of oak, patchouli, cedar and ironwood. This fragrance is pleasant  with a comfortable, powdery trail.

Diesel Only The Brave

The fist-shaped, smokey-grey colored  flacon represents rugged masculinity. The playful blend of oriental and woody accords embellished with lemony aromas and sensual amber permeate a warm and versatile scent. It’s light, semi-tarty and a fabulous summer scent.

Shiseido Zen for Men

Spice, woods plus a concoction of  exotic fruits represent energy and the colors of life. The plush essences of sparkling fruits and spicy accords explode into a delightful mix of minimalistic aroma that soothes. Velvety in the beginning then tapers off into a nice blend of floral and leathery notes.

Check out the 2010 FiFi blog for more details.


Calvin Klein CK One: The Purveyor Of Genderless Scents

March 14, 2010

Whether it’s unisex or shared,  it all pertains to one and the same concoction – genderless.

In the 90s, the flamboyance and eccentricity of the 80s started to wane.  Gender roles were re-defined, people began to embrace the eco-friendly lifestyle and fragrances took off to a new direction.

Calvin Klein‘s controversial ad campaigns have become the impetus to a kind of marketing strategy that centers on sensuality, escapism and sex. The faces, the bodies and the fashion statement created a trend that broke the rules – the lack of inhibition and an open admiration of the human’s naked form.

The perfume line also began to explore homogeneity. It broke off from the traditional his and her scents and androgynous fragrances became the “IT” fragrance of the era. Although, unisex fragrances have been around in the perfumery (4711 by Muelhens) for quite some time now, it was Calvin Klein that made it sexy.

CK One was the fragrance of ubiquity in the mid-90s. Almost everyone has worn this fragrance at some point in their lives. Minimalistic, clean and refreshing, CK One fuses citrus accords with aromatic woods to produce a fragrance that’s zesty, tangy and trendy.

The fragrance notes are:

Top notes: bergamot, cardamom, pineapple, papaya, green tea accord

Middle notes: hedione high cis, violet, rose, nutmeg, gree tea accord

Base notes: musk, amber. green tea accord

A whiff of the lemony-aquatic mix garners differing views. Some like its lingering freshness and some find it too soapy and synthetic. But one thing is for sure, it created a huge following since it was first launched in 1994. And due to its success, Calvin Klein comes up with a limited edition CK One every year.

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Calvin Klein’s Valentine Perfumes Part I

February 1, 2010

Calvin Klein’s Obsession and Eternity are fragrances of passion and romance. These scents have become the olfactory embodiment of what it means to love and be loved. Although these fragrances were reformulated several times, the signature fragrance remains.

This Valentine, let’s go down memory lane and once again, cherish the fragrances that speaks of love, passion and romance.


When Obsession was launched in 1985, Calvin Klein wanted a fragrance that represents women as he sees them – candid, sensuous and provocative. Obsession was that fragrance. In truth, this fragrance celebrates the 80s where oriental scents were the trend. To the modern nose however, it’s thick, heavy and creamy. Some call it a blast from the past. A nostalgic journey to the 80s is more apt. Obsession is bold and warm. Ultimately, it calls attention to itself, saying, “Look at me”.

Obsession Night

Obsession Night veers away from the oriental-ness of the original. This version leans towards the citrus-lemony accords then smoothly transitions into a vanillic-woody fusion. It still has that creaminess factor but done in subtlety. It’s not too spicy nor too powdery. Some say Obsession Night is a very skilful execution of the notes – everything falls in the right place. In the end, the fragrance is simply smooth, refined and very attractive.

Obsession Sheer

The Sheer version is not as assertive as the original but it’s a wonderful scent on its own. The incense is more prominent and the musk projects the same sillage as the parent. Lighter and easier on the nose, Obsession Sheer is a nice respite from the potent aroma of Obsession.

Secret Obsession

First impression – plummy woods. Secret Obsession is a tad boozy with notes that evoke a combination of smoked woods, the sweet kind. There’s a gourmand factor in this flanker because of the rum and chocolate hints arising in the dry down. This fragrance titillates. It is not outright sexy rather, it teases and slowly unfolds a sense of anticipation.

To be continued…

Calvin Klein ck free

September 29, 2009

This year, Calvin Klein takes another masculine fragrance to the shelves with ck free. Perfumer Givaudan is the nose behind this fragrance and the notes are absinthe, jackfruit, star annis, juniper berries, suede, coffee, tobacco leaf, buchu, oak, patchouli, cedar and ironwood. Don’t be surprised if you tell yourself that the scent reminds you of something. It does, actually.  This is a crisp aromatic fragrance similar to other CK perfumes launched in the past. You’ll get that fresh, green, woody notes from the opening to the dry down.

ck free

Nothing is really new with this fragrance. Suffice to say, it’s a rehash of previous CK masculine colognes.

If you’re a Calvin Klein fan, you may want to road test this supposed new scent for old time’s sake.

Truth by Calvin Klein

September 19, 2009

If you’re craving for subtlety, a fragrance that stays in the background, faint and neutered; and yet you are very much aware that the scent floats around without being too obtrusive to the nose, then you might as well bring yourself to discovering Calvin Klein’s Truth. This perfume quietly rises to the occasion  when you want it to be. The clean, fresh smell of bamboo and lush soft-floral greens are simply amazing. It has a character of its own that melds with your skin chemistry creating a unique scent to the woman wearing it.

Truth Calvin Klein

Truth Calvin Klein

Truth follows two distinct accords: Lush and Sensual. The delicate aroma emanates from these notes: bamboo, patchouli, wet woods, vetiver, white peony, clover, acacia, musk, silk-tree flower, amber and vanilla. It’s light and fresh like the first autumn rain. There’s also a hint of sweetness coming from vanilla and the fresh-cut grass essence gives the fragrance its clean appeal. It’s a nice scent and suits the daytime.

You cannot go wrong with Truth. It’s not offensive to others and the wearer wouldn’t get any of that migraine inducing heady notes. The one thing reviews have in common is the lightness of the perfume. For some reason, it easily dissipates in no time.

The truth about Truth is, it’s the type of perfume that grows on you. It’s simple, uncomplicated and straightforward. There is no surprise of jarring notes in the top, middles or base. In fact,  it straddles between two accords only, as mentioned earlier. Truth is a no-nonsense perfume.

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Contradiction Perfume for Women by Calvin Klein

July 16, 2009

contradiction perfume calvin kleinPicture this: lush floriental notes sprinkled with metallic nuances. At first instant, the impression is unabashedly feminine – dainty flowers beautifully arranged in a lovely bouquet.  After an hour or so, you begin to sense something edgy, the notes becomes more pronounced. Delicate and intense, how ironic could this fragrance be? In 1998, Calvin Klein introduced Contradiction Perfume for Women. It’s the scent of the woman who loves the city life. She’s trendy but can pull off a classic anytime.

This fragrance is composed of floral accords such as rose, peony, jasmine and lily of the valley. The middle combines eucalyptus, pear blossom, orchid and syringa. The base finishes it off with warm sandalwood and Tonka bean.

Not everybody appreciates Contradiction, it’s slightly fruity and sweet at first then develops into something steely and cool. The eucalyptus completely turned this fragrance into a total surprise. Powerful but quiet like a woman dressed in a business suit with a sexy lingerie underneath.

According to a Contradiction perfume fan from,” This scent is very sweet to me, and slightly fruity. I know not everybody likes this but I find it very appealing. It’s not cloying at all but it certainly feels sweet. I find the smell very soothing, and also refreshing. It’s the kind of scent I want to put on after taking a shower. On another note, the magnetic bottle is the coolest thing ever.” And another one from MakeupAlley says, “I’ve only ever had samples of this scent. Unlike most CK scents, this one is not very strong on me. It is a soft floriental that is the slightest bit powdery.”

Just like the other Calvin Klein fragrances, Contradiction is not the ubiquitous type of perfume. Not everybody can wear such contrasting notes. So, if this fragrance blends well with your chemistry, you’re a lucky gal.

Eternity Moment by Calvin Klein

March 26, 2009

Eternity Moment Calvin KleinInspired by the concept of romance and intimacy that is uniquely descriptive of Calvin Klein’s Eternity collection comes a modern version of the signature fragrance – Eternity Moment. A classic floral scent that combines the richness of flower bouquet and fruits such as lychee, guava, pomegranate, Chinese pink peony, passion flower, nymphea, musks, rose wood and raspberry cashmere. Introduced in 2004 and created by perfume designers Harry Fremont and Jacques Cavailier, Eternity Moment is a timeless scent that is subtle, not overpowering and long lasting.

All Eternity fragrances permeates an air of familiarity that evokes memories of sweet florals. But each variety comes with a twist – a distinct note that stands out from the rest of the perfume collection. This luxe feminine scent radiates a fun and flirty mood that spruces up any less than ordinary day.

Perfume reviewers find Eternity Moment Calvin Klein a delicate fruity floral fragrance that opens up with dazzling notes reminiscent of the tropics: natural, warm and intense. From the seabed of flowers, it fades into a gentle sweet musk that reeks sheer excitement of infatuation. Considered as a casual everyday scent, it perfectly complements the hustle and bustle of city life. The contemporary fragrance of the florals is enough to give you that modern day aura of sophistication. Its youthful and elegant.

Eternity Moment is an eau de parfum so the oils give the fragrance an admiring longevity. It holds the scent longer; a light spritz will last for hours.

The Eternity collection boasts an array of fragrances spanning 10 years of creativity. The first Eternity perfume was introduced in 1988 and since then, different versions of the original followed.

The Calvin Klein fashion empire started in the late 1960s. The brand has helped shaped the casual wear industry and played an important role in modern advertising. Aside from the jeans and fragrance line, the Calvin Klein label also include fashion accessories, watches, jewelry and intimate apparel.