Deseo by Jennifer Lopez

June 5, 2009

desso-perfumeDeseo for Women by Jennifer Lopez is a fresh and aqua-marine like accord combination reminiscent of J.Lo’s lush flower garden. The fragrance with its abundant greens and florals come alive as it radiates floral and woodsy accords. The notes, well-blended and comely, are a concoction of watery bamboo leaves, garden yuzu, Sicilian bergamot, freesia, star jasmine, pink geranium flower, orange blossom, French mimosa, amber, oak moss, sensual musk, sandalwood, cedar wood, patchouli and mineral accord.

Deseo’s scent is full of life, invigorating and is certain to evoke an air of fleeting softness. The floral woody musk fragrance is considered a modern chypre fragrance. It corresponds nicely with the uncut diamond design of the bottle; a diamond on the rough is like J.Lo. – sensual, unique and quite complicated.

Deseo for Men, on the other hand, is a woody aromatic perfume with a tarty-toasty ambiance attributed to the tobacco leaf, orris root and guaiac wood in the mid notes. The top and base accords are similar to the women’s blend. The highlight of Deseo for Men is its tobacco leaf notes. Its sharp and light aromatic pungency is very masculine and not to mention, very sexy.

Deseo fragrances have a gentle sillage, moderate on the longevity department and a perfect wear during the cooler months of spring and fall.

Perfume reviewers think that J. Lo’s Deseo is a lovely fragrance on the overall. Good but nothing spectacular such as this comment from, “This isn’t a premium fragrance that makes me weak in the knees, but it’s a pleasantly enjoyable fresh fragrance that performs well and that maybe has a little bit of something new and original going on in it. The dry down could work for a man. ”
Deseo was introduced in 2008 and created by perfumers Ellen A. Molner and Jim Krivda.


Still Perfume for Women by Jennifer Lopez

April 14, 2009

jenifer-lopez-stillStill by Jennifer Lopez is not just of those fruity-floral celebrity fragrances. It’s classy, doesn’t smell synthetic and has a unique scent that is sparkling clean. This Zen-like perfume is a combination of  piquant white pepper, zesty mandarin and the natural aroma of Earl Grey tea. The sake notes radiates a sharp yet subtle accords – such complexity makes the scent different yet intriguing. Like J.Lo, Still conveys effortless sexiness and well-mannered sensuality. Impressive and warm but not overwhelming. The base notes is creamy and invigorating like a bunch of white flowers sitting on amber-y musk woods during springtime. The perfume is housed in an elegant pale pink transparent bottle. Designed by perfumer Michael Girard, Still was launched in the perfume market in 2003.

One perfumista has these words to say about Still perfume, “Wonderful complex mature fragrance! I probably won’t recognize it in a crowd though, but it’s not the point of this fragrance. When you wear fragrances like this one – it’s not about the fragrance, it’s about you having a very pleasant aroma.” Another one gave it a thumbs up, “Like a midnight garden where blossoms unfold, so does Still. Softly pretty and classically feminine, this floral scent envelops the wearer in delicate drops of delight. The perfect fragrance for those who want their perfume to softly radiate like a candle in the moonlight.” On the contrary, different chemistry and different olfactive senses have unique interpretations of this fragrance. Some find it a bit similar to the other J.Lo fragrances just like this perfume critic, “I loved the marketing on this one. The ads were glamorous & elegant. I wanted to like Still, but it just didn’t smell good on me. Still turned to stale, dead lilies & sour honeysuckle on my skin.”

Jennifer Lopez first ventured in the perfume industry with her debut fragrance “Glow by J. Lo”. In 2003, “Still” was launched followed by “Miami Glow J. Lo”, a spin-off of “Glow”. In the Christmas of 2005, “Live by Jennifer Lopez” was introduced and in the following year, another “Glow” spin-off, “Love at First Glow by J. Lo” was presented. The most recent fragrances are “Live Luxe” (2006) and “Glow After Dark” (2007). (Wikipedia, Jennifer Lopez