The 2010 FiFi Awards: The Finalists

May 1, 2010

The 2010 FiFi Awards finalists are narrowed down to five for each category. Consumer voting shall commence on April 28. As we await the winners, let’s explore once again the candidates for this year’s Oscars of the perfumery.

Starting with the men’s luxe fragrances, the finalists are: Calvin Klein CK Free, D&G Fragrance Anthology, Givenchy Play, Diesel Only The Brave, Shiseido Zen for Men and Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. Certainly, these fragrances deserve recognition as they have captured the attention of many: the creativity that produced the fragrance and likewise, the marketing virtuoso behind each campaign.

D&G Fragrance Anthology

How can you not forget the gorgeous men and women in their nakedness wearing nothing but D&G?  The D&G Fragrance Anthology ranges from sheer lightness to juicy gourmand, from feminine to masculine to shared – take your pick!

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

A masterful take on vetiver married with salty notes, citrus essence, sunny and woody accords. Tom Ford Grey Vetiver is unabashedly masculine. The combination of amber-y woods and the cigar smoke-like aroma is addictive. Comparable to Guerlain’s Vetiver but Tom Ford is sharper and less herbal.

Calvin Klein CK Free

Airy, light, young and free: these are Calvin Klein’s inimitable trademark. CK Free opens up with crisp notes of berries, jackfruit and star anise followed by a concoction of tobacco, suede, coffee and buchu in the middle. The base caps it off with a union of oak, patchouli, cedar and ironwood. This fragrance is pleasant  with a comfortable, powdery trail.

Diesel Only The Brave

The fist-shaped, smokey-grey colored  flacon represents rugged masculinity. The playful blend of oriental and woody accords embellished with lemony aromas and sensual amber permeate a warm and versatile scent. It’s light, semi-tarty and a fabulous summer scent.

Shiseido Zen for Men

Spice, woods plus a concoction of  exotic fruits represent energy and the colors of life. The plush essences of sparkling fruits and spicy accords explode into a delightful mix of minimalistic aroma that soothes. Velvety in the beginning then tapers off into a nice blend of floral and leathery notes.

Check out the 2010 FiFi blog for more details.


Prada Amber pour Homme

June 2, 2009

prada-amber-colognePrada Amber pour Homme can be experienced as both simple and extreme. In one sense, Amber pour Homme is a clean, one-level fragrance. It’s an amber scent, it’s a clean earthy scent, it’s a clean leather scent. As a result, it’s spiced and uplifting and it’s cool and soft. But Amber pour Homme is like streamlined comfort: the bergamot opening is soft, and there is no immediate drydown-dashing of woods. It’s a rather linear scent. Then on the other end of the spectrum, when compared to light, airy fragrances, Amber pour Homme is a doozy. It’s all decadence: resins, vetiver, patchouli, cardamom, saffron, neroli. It’s a kingly combination of valued materials. So at best, Amber pour Homme is resounding and serious, yet clean and comforting. What a great paradox! And who can deny the alluring nature of this pale violet liquid? Not to mention the classy stately bottle with an awesome atomizer!