Flower Galore: Floral-Based Perfumes

November 21, 2009

One bottle of perfume contains a whole gamut of notes blended creatively to achieve the desired scent. Each perfume is more than an olfactory experience, behind the notes are stories of inspiration, captured moments or a fleeting memory of something that piques the senses.

Flowers are one of the basic components in most perfumes and fragrance houses use flowers of every kind. These could be locally cultivated or grown elsewhere. Flowers evoke femininity, a gentle embrace or a light caress from a woman. In fragrances, it gives a certain character, a distinct trail, a representation of a specific era that take you to an olfactory journey.

Let’s explore some of the popular floral perfumes today.

Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent

Parisienne is floral-fruity in the opening embellished with notable floral notes such as peony, rose and violet. It’s slightly musky but the rose component notably stands out. This is a lovely fragrance that lets the wearer experience the old the new. Roses have a way of adding a nostalgic flair to the overall appeal of the fragrance no matter how mainstream the fragrance is.

Pleasures by Estee Lauder

Pleasures is a sheer floral fragrance that centers on the rare essence of exotic Baie rose. It’s charming, fresh with plenty of lush floral notes – lilies, peonies, jasmine. Fresh-cut grass notes are also present.

Chelsea Flowers by Bond No 9

This fragrance is inspired by New York’s Chelsea Flower Market. So, imagine yourself swimming in a pool of flowers. The impression is dainty, fine and lively courtesy of the floral notes of peony, tulip, hyacinth, magnolia and rose. Definitely luxurious albeit expensive.

Versace by Versace

Versace is a blend of soft floral notes such as orchid, lilac, jasmine and lotus. It’s an abstract floral but comes out as a well-blended fragrance – fresh, clean and sparkling.

DKNY Be Delicious Night

Iris, freesia and jasmine captures the magical night life of New York. DKNY Be Delicious Night is floriental in composition – incense-y, spicy and mysterious.

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Perfume 101: Top Nose Olivier Cresp

June 1, 2009

Born in Cannes, this top nose knew from the age of 7 that he was destined for a creative profession in the fragrance industry. Olivier Cresp, the highly esteemed French perfumeur, has worked with a staggering number of top perfume houses. With a star-studded resume of solid fragrances, Cresp has the tendency not only to draw hordes of fans but also to change the course of parfumerie itself.

Dolce Gabbana light blueCresp created Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, a breezy citrus-floral perfume that became a major transition perfume. He also concocted the newest girly Nina fragrances, Nina Ricci Nina and Nina Ricci Love, which both became instant modern-classics. Other artistic results by Cresp include Kenzo Amour, Paco Rabbane Black XS, Cacharel Noa, Versace Man Eau Fraiche, Lacoste Pour Femme, Christian Dior Midnight Poison, and Yves Saint Laurent Elle.

Cresp’s industry style is steady and proliferative. He typically produces lovable sultry scents with the occasional eye-opening, floor-stopping absolutely unique perfume. Cresp’s resume can be found in a comprehensive list created by leading blogosphere perfumista, Robin at Now Smell This. Above all, Cresp is best known for the ground-breaking, trend-setting fragrance Thierry Mugler Angel which defined gourmand scents of the 1990s and has drawn an overwhelming array of followers and mimickers.

Though a bit media shy, Cresp joined in Yves Saint Laurent’s maddening media launch of Elle in 2007. Appearing online, YouTube to be exact, Cresp teamed with fellow parfumeur Jacques Cavallier to discuss their creative collaboration in producing Elle. From concept to ingredients, you can follow Cresp’s genius fragrant thoughts in this short YSL Elle video.

In interviews he has claimed that of all human characteristics he most values passion and spirituality. And perhaps this is exactly what comes through in his honest and engaging scents.

Masaki Matsushima Mat

May 19, 2009

MAT-perfumeMat is another great light perfume from another great Japanese fashion designer. But, for its soapy green character, Mat by Masaki Matsushima stands out from the mix of other light florals scents. A combination of greenness, melon, herbal notes and florals makes Mat an unbeatable fragrance for atmospheric perfume lovers.

Sweet watery melon notes are mixed with light airy tea leaves. To enhance the leafy, dry character, bits of parsley, juniper and mint are added to the mix. Then, to counter the refreshing herbal dryness, earthy florals like lotus, rose and jasmine stand at the heart. A slight hint of musk and wood sit at the base to offer complexity and depth. But overall, this fragrance is a sweet, earthy perfume that is ironically fresh and green.

Perfume 101: Top Nose Caroline Sabas

May 15, 2009

Heard the eye-opening critical acclaim for Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy? Caroline Sabas, a celebrity-friendly Givaudan perfumeur, is behind that mystical gourmand fragrance. With a penchant for mass-market trends and youthful productions, Caroline Sabas is actually a true genius. She takes pop and popularity, and then gives it a twist. By adding a thoughtful edge, Sabas makes what is typical new again.

Many might scoff at typicality or trends in perfumerie. But after sniffing one of Sabas’ top-selling perfumes, those hard-headed perfumistas usually go a little soft-hearted. If you’re looking for that crowd pleasing fragrance with just a little touch of innovation and thought, try a Caroline Sabas perfume. She gives the market what it loves with a just little something more.

Caroline Sabas has a star studded resume of top perfumes, including: Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy, Miami Glow and Sunkissed Glow by J. Lo, Ed Hardy Women, Cannabis Santal Fresh, and Badgley Mischka Couture. And not to forget, Sabas also had a creative hand, under the direction of Ann Gottlieb, in the construction of Secret Obsession.

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Perfume 101: Blogosphere Lingo

April 12, 2009

Flanker is an offshoot perfume. Flankers are often seasonal or special edition fragrances based on the original perfume. They can also be are variations on the original perfume as they might highlight certain flowers or base notes. A great example of flankers is the Thierry Mugler Angel offshoots: Angel Innocent, Angel Garden of Stars Rose, Angel Garden of Stars Peony, Angel Garden of Stars Lily, and Angel Garden of Stars Violet.

Scrubber is a perfume that you really, really, and I mean, really don’t like. It’s something that the moment it touches your skin you need to scrub it right off. A scrubber is a fragrance that doesn’t suit your tastes or doesn’t suit your skin. Certain perfumes can smell great on some people, but smell like something horrible on others. For those who can’t stand a perfume on their skin, the name for that perfume is a scrubber.

EdP and EdT stand for Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, respectively. We’ve all seen these two phrases plastered all over our bottles. But what do they really mean? These mean that your beloved perfume oil (the essence that you smell) is diluted in alcohol or water. Eau de Parfum is stronger as it features a higher percentage of oil, something like 10-15%. Eau de Toilette boasts 5-10% oil.

Decant means to pour liquid from one container to another. Wines and liqueurs are often decanted to allow the drink to breathe and develop as it mixes with oxygen molecules. Perfumistas often encounter decanting when buying samples. Perfumistas may also decant at home so as to let stronger fragrances breathe and air out before application.

Notes are the identifiable or abstract things that you smell in your perfume. Often marketers and perfumistas talk about top notes, middle notes (or heart), and base notes. The top notes are the initial impression, or the first blasts of smells, that you get when spraying a perfume. The middle notes are what you smell in the dry down, after the first pulse of scents has faded. The base notes are the longer lasting and deeper scents. However certain perfumers say that the concept of notes is ridiculous. They argue that because one smell affects the other, a certain top note can’t exist without the base notes. Therefore perhaps your cake-like perfume can’t smell like cake without the vanilla and strawberry notes.

Top 5 Celebrity Perfumes

April 11, 2009

Every celebrity loves to capture their image in a sweet perfume, be it cake-like, cotton candy-ish, or bright dollops of rock-hard sugar. Here’s a look at the most popular sweet celebrity scents. This list breaks down the gummy, the jammy and the taffy in order from tooth-rotting sweet to deliciously yummy hints.

Britney Spears Believe comes in an abstract bottle that is beautifully cubic and triangular. A silver wash and herbal green hue finish the modern, fresh look. Inside the juice is just as sweet as sweet can get. Beginning with a guava and tangerine cocktail that is oozing with honey, Believe is like a Turkish Delight or candied fruit. It’s similar to Thierry Mugler Angel.

Paris Hilton Can Can appears in a tall bubble bottle that looks like an upside-down light bulb. The pink feather print and the translucent pink cap hint to the rosy sweetness inside. Opening with woody citrus, Can Can immediately develops into a vanilla cake. Warm and wafting, the creamy smells hardly let the oriental musk and amber shine through. Can Can is a candy-and-cake delight that’s like a warm homemade cookie filled Skittles. It’s most like Ralph Hot.

Jessica Simpson Fancy looks like it can be found in a classic Parisian haute perfume boutique. The juice, however, is not so much a classic scent as it is more youthful, flirty and fun. Fancy is pure sugar, up and down, but not in the cake-y or fruity kind of way. It’s pure cotton candy with warm with hints of vanilla, almond and caramel. It’s closest to Aquolina Pink Sugar.

Christina Aguilera Inspire arrives in a daring pink egg that is topped with a flat silver stopper. The look is very similar to Sarah Jessica Park’s Lovely. Inspire is a fresh floral scent that is very sweet. It’s a scent of citrus, wood, musk and vanilla, and it is all wrapped up in the sweetness of mango, oranges, and roses. In other words, Inspire is a candied chypre scent. It’s like a sweet version of Miss Dior Cherie.

Gwen Stefani L by L.A.M.B. boasts a bottle of Rasta fading colors and a large gold cap that is worthy of bling status. The look is all funk, soul and edge. The juice, on the other hand, is simplistic beauty. It’s quite subdued as far as celebrity fragrances go. The overall scent is green—it’s a refreshing citrus spritz. But don’t forget the sugar! There is a bouquet of juicy fruity pear and peach that is mixed in with creamy frangipani flowers. This is the yummy sweet version of a bright green citrus scent. This is best compared to Benefit MaybeBaby.

Discount Fragrances

April 10, 2009

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