Top 5 Celebrity Perfumes

April 11, 2009

Every celebrity loves to capture their image in a sweet perfume, be it cake-like, cotton candy-ish, or bright dollops of rock-hard sugar. Here’s a look at the most popular sweet celebrity scents. This list breaks down the gummy, the jammy and the taffy in order from tooth-rotting sweet to deliciously yummy hints.

Britney Spears Believe comes in an abstract bottle that is beautifully cubic and triangular. A silver wash and herbal green hue finish the modern, fresh look. Inside the juice is just as sweet as sweet can get. Beginning with a guava and tangerine cocktail that is oozing with honey, Believe is like a Turkish Delight or candied fruit. It’s similar to Thierry Mugler Angel.

Paris Hilton Can Can appears in a tall bubble bottle that looks like an upside-down light bulb. The pink feather print and the translucent pink cap hint to the rosy sweetness inside. Opening with woody citrus, Can Can immediately develops into a vanilla cake. Warm and wafting, the creamy smells hardly let the oriental musk and amber shine through. Can Can is a candy-and-cake delight that’s like a warm homemade cookie filled Skittles. It’s most like Ralph Hot.

Jessica Simpson Fancy looks like it can be found in a classic Parisian haute perfume boutique. The juice, however, is not so much a classic scent as it is more youthful, flirty and fun. Fancy is pure sugar, up and down, but not in the cake-y or fruity kind of way. It’s pure cotton candy with warm with hints of vanilla, almond and caramel. It’s closest to Aquolina Pink Sugar.

Christina Aguilera Inspire arrives in a daring pink egg that is topped with a flat silver stopper. The look is very similar to Sarah Jessica Park’s Lovely. Inspire is a fresh floral scent that is very sweet. It’s a scent of citrus, wood, musk and vanilla, and it is all wrapped up in the sweetness of mango, oranges, and roses. In other words, Inspire is a candied chypre scent. It’s like a sweet version of Miss Dior Cherie.

Gwen Stefani L by L.A.M.B. boasts a bottle of Rasta fading colors and a large gold cap that is worthy of bling status. The look is all funk, soul and edge. The juice, on the other hand, is simplistic beauty. It’s quite subdued as far as celebrity fragrances go. The overall scent is green—it’s a refreshing citrus spritz. But don’t forget the sugar! There is a bouquet of juicy fruity pear and peach that is mixed in with creamy frangipani flowers. This is the yummy sweet version of a bright green citrus scent. This is best compared to Benefit MaybeBaby.