Calvin Klein CK One: The Purveyor Of Genderless Scents

March 14, 2010

Whether it’s unisex or shared,  it all pertains to one and the same concoction – genderless.

In the 90s, the flamboyance and eccentricity of the 80s started to wane.  Gender roles were re-defined, people began to embrace the eco-friendly lifestyle and fragrances took off to a new direction.

Calvin Klein‘s controversial ad campaigns have become the impetus to a kind of marketing strategy that centers on sensuality, escapism and sex. The faces, the bodies and the fashion statement created a trend that broke the rules – the lack of inhibition and an open admiration of the human’s naked form.

The perfume line also began to explore homogeneity. It broke off from the traditional his and her scents and androgynous fragrances became the “IT” fragrance of the era. Although, unisex fragrances have been around in the perfumery (4711 by Muelhens) for quite some time now, it was Calvin Klein that made it sexy.

CK One was the fragrance of ubiquity in the mid-90s. Almost everyone has worn this fragrance at some point in their lives. Minimalistic, clean and refreshing, CK One fuses citrus accords with aromatic woods to produce a fragrance that’s zesty, tangy and trendy.

The fragrance notes are:

Top notes: bergamot, cardamom, pineapple, papaya, green tea accord

Middle notes: hedione high cis, violet, rose, nutmeg, gree tea accord

Base notes: musk, amber. green tea accord

A whiff of the lemony-aquatic mix garners differing views. Some like its lingering freshness and some find it too soapy and synthetic. But one thing is for sure, it created a huge following since it was first launched in 1994. And due to its success, Calvin Klein comes up with a limited edition CK One every year.

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