Guerlain Idylle

November 13, 2009


Guerlain in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser is the nose behind Guerlain Idylle, one of the recent fragrances in the floral category from Guerlain. Wasser wanted to produce a harmony of flowers, a floral sweetness to be exact, and use it as a theme in a story about love. Rose is the predominant note in the fragrance while other florals such as peony, freesia, lily of the valley, lilac and jasmine are infused to recreate a more feminine drama to the old-fashioned aroma of roses. A modern interpretation of Guerlinade was also incorporated in Idylle to breed more passion and also, to suggest sensuality as the scent builds up.

The gold bottle takes form in the shape of a tear. Ora Ito, the designer of the flacon, wanted to picture the modern Guerlain woman without losing the traditional elaborate designs of the bottle Guerlain perfumes are famous for. Idylle is wide at the bottom and has a shapely outline similar to that of a woman’s body.

The juice inside, alas, is not as original as what I expect it to be.  While it’s a nice, floral scent, very feminine, as a matter of fact; the intermingling of flowers emanate a refreshing yet ordinary smell. Pleasant, gentle and can be categorized as a safe floral-based perfume (no surprise headaches at initial application). However, there’s not much innovation in the scent. Idylle could be Guerlain’s conventional take on mainstream fragrances. But I think they should not veer away from the basic Guerlain fragrances too much because the previous fragrances really stand out from the run of the mill type of perfumes.


Guerlain Shalimar perfume

April 14, 2009

shalimar-perfumeShalimar is a legend as one of the longest-selling perfumes in the world. It’s found fans in almost every generation since its launch in 1925. Shalimar is an icon in the perfume-blogging world. It begins with a rich incensed puff of citrus, patchouli and vanilla. The scent fades on the skin into powder flowers and yummy vanilla. Shalimar lasts forever as a richly pretty and deeply sensual vanilla bean. The classic art deco bottle, that mimics the coquettish frills and curves of an Oriental fan, is in itself a work of art. Overall, the history, the mystery and smell puts Shalimar in winning slot for the best perfume of all time. You can snag this wonderfully haunting perfume for just a fraction of the price from Like other classic and new perfumes, Shalimar is pricey pick that is offered on Scentiments for $40 off its original price.