Touch of Spring and Touch of Sun by Lacoste

April 15, 2009

lacoste-touch-of-springDazzle in the refreshing air of spring — the sprawling lush green meadows and budding flower beds are all a sight to behold. Inspired by the life and vigor of season, Lacoste captured the energizing moments in a beautiful scent. Touch of Spring exudes a vibrant feel of being reborn after a somber hiatus from winter. The fragrance is gentle fusion of aquatic accords, quince blossom, peach, Amazon water lilies, osmanthus, hosta leaves, sandalwood and musk.

The scent remarkably implies the green-ness of spring. It reminds you of freshly cut grass, hugged by dewy mists in the early morning. The aquatic notes mingle with succulent peaches bringing out trickles of light sweetness of fruit accords while the florals interplay with the muskiness of sandalwood creating a well-balanced fragrance. According to one perfume reviewer from Fragrantica, “At the base of the fragrance we have sandalwood and musk; quince blossom the symbol of temptation; aquatic accord clean and fresh nestle against the sweetness of the Amazonian water lily. I think this perfume is better suited for young girls, than for mature women. It’s so casual, fresh and perfect for summertime.”

lacoste-touch-of-sunTouch of the Sun is another Lacoste fragrance inspired by the warmth of the sunny season. This zesty summer fragrance is a cocktail of fruits and floral. At first smell, it opens up with heady notes of citrusy juices of oranges and grape fruits. The middle notes features delicate flower petals of roses, peonies and jasmine. The floral-fruity accords are decorated by woodsy base notes composed of sandalwood, vetiver and traces of amber and musk.

This summer fragrance is just as wonderful for the colder months. It radiates an air of warmth and sun-kissed freshness that feels nice on the skin. One perfume fan commented, “Rather like a fruit salad with grapefruit, rather flowery the redeeming features of this for me is that I can smell sandalwood and jasmine as it warms up.” The sillage is not too intense; longevity is moderate.

Lacoste fragrances, just like its iconic alligator logo-embroidered shirt, embody class, quality and elegance. The founding owner, Rene Lacoste, revolutionized men’s sports wear and has been very successful in creating a wide range of high-end apparel. His label is best-known to project a modern, upscale preppy look with a sophisticated edge.