Ralph Lauren Perfume

May 8, 2009

One of the most widely recognized brands in the contemporary world, Ralph Lauren has an appeal that is hard to resist. Ralph Lauren perfumes for women cater to the wide variety of personalities and moods. From delicate Romance to daring Hot, every fragrance is unique.

Lauren Classic

Launched by the design house of Ralph Lauren in 1978, the flowery fragrance of Lauren is still widely popular. A blend of green florals, violet, carnation, rose and rare wood spices makes this fragrance a classic and sophisticated daytime wear.


Romance for Women has a classic flowery fragrance with notes of fresh rose, ginger, marigold and violet. A sensual blend of exotic flowers and seductive musk, this ultra-feminine perfume comes in a classic glass bottle with a silver cap.


This luxury edition eau de parfum possesses extravagant floral aromas intermingled with warm golden amber, smooth sandalwood and the striking Tibetan goji berry for an exotic fruity twist.


Provocative and spicy, this captivating scent with notes of deep black currant, decadent chocolate cosmos and sensual patchouli musk is for the woman who commands the attention of the room. Described as glamorous and intriguing, Notorious has an addictive sparkling fragrance that is hard to resist.


This youthful spirited fragrance embodies the personality of today’s young woman. A combination of green apples, reviving orange mandarin, striking pink magnolia, Japanese osmanthus, seductive purple freesia and delicate blue musk makes this fragrance a popular office wear.

Ralph Wild

Themed on freedom and fun, this fragrance uses a juicy mix of strawberries and watermelons with hints of cherry blossom, sheer jasmine and red rose petals. Projected as a young and carefree fruity floral fragrance, this line is popular with the youth.

Ralph Hot

The sexy and flirtatious theme of this line is brought on by a combination of sensual mocha cream, spicy cinnamon and luscious maple. Launched in 2006, this vibrant scent features spices, lime, amber, fig leaf, orchid, almond blossom, vanilla, citruses, and geranium.

Ralph Cool

An elegant and luxurious evening wear that combines floral scents with subtle notes of musk, Ralph cool is recommended for a romantic evening. Presented in a bright magenta bottle with a deep turquoise cap, this fragrance possesses a blend of rich, alluring florals with subtle hints of woods and musk.

Pure Turquoise

A culmination of cassis, night blooming cereus, and patchouli make this fragrance a beautiful magical experience. The unique scent comes in a beautiful bottle ornamented with turquoise detailing.


A floral fragrance launched in 2001, Glamorous combines notes of Clementine, arum lily, tuberose, ginger, vetiver and frangipani. A scent for the enchanting woman, this fragrance is recommended as evening wear.

A milder and more delicate version of Glamorous, Glamorous Daylight was launched by the design house in 2003. Although similar in composition, the two lines differ in the moods conveyed by them. Glamorous Daylight is an exquisite blend of dewy pearl flower, Kona plumeris, Casablanca lily, exotic Siam wood, and Cashmere musk.


Top 5 Celebrity Perfumes

April 11, 2009

Every celebrity loves to capture their image in a sweet perfume, be it cake-like, cotton candy-ish, or bright dollops of rock-hard sugar. Here’s a look at the most popular sweet celebrity scents. This list breaks down the gummy, the jammy and the taffy in order from tooth-rotting sweet to deliciously yummy hints.

Britney Spears Believe comes in an abstract bottle that is beautifully cubic and triangular. A silver wash and herbal green hue finish the modern, fresh look. Inside the juice is just as sweet as sweet can get. Beginning with a guava and tangerine cocktail that is oozing with honey, Believe is like a Turkish Delight or candied fruit. It’s similar to Thierry Mugler Angel.

Paris Hilton Can Can appears in a tall bubble bottle that looks like an upside-down light bulb. The pink feather print and the translucent pink cap hint to the rosy sweetness inside. Opening with woody citrus, Can Can immediately develops into a vanilla cake. Warm and wafting, the creamy smells hardly let the oriental musk and amber shine through. Can Can is a candy-and-cake delight that’s like a warm homemade cookie filled Skittles. It’s most like Ralph Hot.

Jessica Simpson Fancy looks like it can be found in a classic Parisian haute perfume boutique. The juice, however, is not so much a classic scent as it is more youthful, flirty and fun. Fancy is pure sugar, up and down, but not in the cake-y or fruity kind of way. It’s pure cotton candy with warm with hints of vanilla, almond and caramel. It’s closest to Aquolina Pink Sugar.

Christina Aguilera Inspire arrives in a daring pink egg that is topped with a flat silver stopper. The look is very similar to Sarah Jessica Park’s Lovely. Inspire is a fresh floral scent that is very sweet. It’s a scent of citrus, wood, musk and vanilla, and it is all wrapped up in the sweetness of mango, oranges, and roses. In other words, Inspire is a candied chypre scent. It’s like a sweet version of Miss Dior Cherie.

Gwen Stefani L by L.A.M.B. boasts a bottle of Rasta fading colors and a large gold cap that is worthy of bling status. The look is all funk, soul and edge. The juice, on the other hand, is simplistic beauty. It’s quite subdued as far as celebrity fragrances go. The overall scent is green—it’s a refreshing citrus spritz. But don’t forget the sugar! There is a bouquet of juicy fruity pear and peach that is mixed in with creamy frangipani flowers. This is the yummy sweet version of a bright green citrus scent. This is best compared to Benefit MaybeBaby.

Paris Pont des Amours Perfume

March 27, 2009

paris-pont-des-amoursReign endless, Rose! For fair you are, Nor Heaven reserves a fairer thing.” These lines are from a poem, “A Rose Or Two”, by Herman Melville. The beauty of roses inspired Yves Saint Laurent when he created the fragrance, Paris. Eventually, the House of Saint Laurent began releasing a new fragrance every Spring, whose floral beginnings were rooted in the original Paris. Each scent is different but there are still lingering memories of the parent, with its huge bouquet of roses, violet, mimosa and jasmine.

Each fragrance debuts in the traditional, dimpled glass bottle with a gold or pink cap. If you are not well-versed in the creations of the House of Yves Saint Laurent perfumes, you may mistake one fragrance for another as they do have a similar appearance. Some of the perfumes are clear or pale golden in color, while others have a delicate pink or pale green tint. Each fragrance is based in flowers but just like the variety of bouquets in a florist’s shop, the arrangement and type of blossoms used will vary.

Paris Pont des Amours is a newcomer, just appearing in March of 2008, inspired by lovers and their rendezvous  near the River Seine. It whispers of romance, holding hands in the moonlight, laughing together in the rain. When first applied, there is a burst of roses with soft violet and muted jasmine. As it’s warmed by the sunshine, soft notes of amber and musk appear with a delicate spice of carnation.

This fragrance can be worn everyday but it’s wonderful for special occasions; like a wedding or an outdoor party. Its flowery tones and sweet, fresh fragrance whispers of romance and tender moments. Says one admirer, “I was so happy to find this…Pont des Amours is …mostly rose. That’s fine with me. I wanted “a mostly rose” fragrance that didn’t smell powdery, jammy, cooked, or sickeningly sweet. Like the original, I get fresh rose, along with those pretty violets, right from the beginning. The jasmine is quite subdued (again, the way I like it) and the carnation is the merest hint of spice to this sweet, summery pink rose. Drydown is very gentle and enjoyable…”

Most women, who enjoy theses fragrances, have adored Paris and usually compare the later scents to their flashy precursor. Comments one, “…It is lovely and very true to its name of  Springtime. It is reminiscent of the original Paris but lighter and not so sharp. A softer, more floral version. Not overpowering at all but noticeable.”

Men also enjoy the light femininity of Paris Pont des Amours and are intrigued by the fragrance. Says one, “Fresh, sweet, sensual. My girlfriend has this; she has a craze for roses. She has the classic version of Paris and when it came on the market, she got it. When she wears it, she smells like roses and I love her more. Obviously this Paris Pont des Amours is a fragrance of romance, emotions, passion and desire. For me this is a fragrance of love.” Now who could ask for more?

Eternity Moment by Calvin Klein

March 26, 2009

Eternity Moment Calvin KleinInspired by the concept of romance and intimacy that is uniquely descriptive of Calvin Klein’s Eternity collection comes a modern version of the signature fragrance – Eternity Moment. A classic floral scent that combines the richness of flower bouquet and fruits such as lychee, guava, pomegranate, Chinese pink peony, passion flower, nymphea, musks, rose wood and raspberry cashmere. Introduced in 2004 and created by perfume designers Harry Fremont and Jacques Cavailier, Eternity Moment is a timeless scent that is subtle, not overpowering and long lasting.

All Eternity fragrances permeates an air of familiarity that evokes memories of sweet florals. But each variety comes with a twist – a distinct note that stands out from the rest of the perfume collection. This luxe feminine scent radiates a fun and flirty mood that spruces up any less than ordinary day.

Perfume reviewers find Eternity Moment Calvin Klein a delicate fruity floral fragrance that opens up with dazzling notes reminiscent of the tropics: natural, warm and intense. From the seabed of flowers, it fades into a gentle sweet musk that reeks sheer excitement of infatuation. Considered as a casual everyday scent, it perfectly complements the hustle and bustle of city life. The contemporary fragrance of the florals is enough to give you that modern day aura of sophistication. Its youthful and elegant.

Eternity Moment is an eau de parfum so the oils give the fragrance an admiring longevity. It holds the scent longer; a light spritz will last for hours.

The Eternity collection boasts an array of fragrances spanning 10 years of creativity. The first Eternity perfume was introduced in 1988 and since then, different versions of the original followed.

The Calvin Klein fashion empire started in the late 1960s. The brand has helped shaped the casual wear industry and played an important role in modern advertising. Aside from the jeans and fragrance line, the Calvin Klein label also include fashion accessories, watches, jewelry and intimate apparel.

Paris perfume Yves Saint Laurent

March 24, 2009

Paris Perfume Yves Saint LaurentYves Saint Laurent dedicated Paris to the city he loved in 1983. Inspired by the City of Eternal Love, this perfume is a romantic symphony, a perfect orchestration of 232 different fragrance notes. It’s like a lavish bouquet of pink roses and delicate violets, whose buds unfold with a burst of fragrance. The rose notes are followed by softer tones of iris, mayflower, and mimosa with a touch of orange blossom and bergamot. The rose bouquet mellows a bit and you’ll notice the honeyed fragrance of ripened peaches and fruit, with complex, mellow notes of amber and musk.

There’s a tale that persists about Russian perfumer, Sophia Grojsman, who was working on this extravagant fragrance. Hurrying home, late one night in Paris, she noticing that she was being followed by a man. When she increased her pace, trying to elude him, her pursuer called out, “Hey lady, I am not following you: I’m just trying to smell your perfume!” She often retold this story saying, “That was the moment I realized that I had it.” Saint Laurent always associated this perfume with pink roses and the city of Paris. Reportedly, he had chosen the name before the scent was even developed.

When it was introduced, Paris became an immediate hit. Mothers, daughters, and grandmothers wore it and the fragrance of roses was everywhere. It is a very vibrant, feminine fragrance but it is not a ‘girly girl’ scent. It is daring and romantic, effusive not retiring,  bold and not shy. It’s a bright pink coat which stands out in a gray crowd; it shouts, “Look at Me!’’ A little of this fragrance goes a long way – this is not a scent to bathe in or it will knock everyone over the first hour or two. Paris puts real meaning in the saying, A little bit goes a long way!’

The rose-violet tones of Paris are based on ionones and damascones which are aroma substances, which were discovered in 1893. They were isolated in 1967 and were first used in a rose fragrance, Guerlain’s  Nahema. The damascones were used heavily in the legendary fragrance, Nombre Noir, and along with other ionones contributed to the numerous rose fragrances of the 1980s. Violets contain natural ionones and along with their woodsy, fruity undertones add a great deal to this perfume.

The fragrance is captured in a rounded, clear, dimpled glass bottle with the elegant logo of Yves Saint Laurent and ‘Paris’ inscribed in gold. It’ sealed with a black and bright pink cap. This is a perfume that’s both dynamic and complex –the essence of romance.

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Prada Fragrance Review

March 11, 2009
Buy Prada Perfume at Scentiments.com

Buy Prada Perfume at Scentiments.com

Prada’s signature scent, Prada Eau de Parfum, is a classic blend of bergamot oil, orange oil, bitter orange oil, mandarin flower, mimosa India, rose absolute, schinus molle, Peru balsam, patchouli oil, raspberry flower, labdanum, Tonka bean, musk and sandalwood oil. Launched in 2004 and created by perfume designers Carlos Benaim, Clement Gavarry and Max Gavarry, this fragrance exudes a stylish traditional scent.

Its alluring smell was described by product reviewers as “mature” and “old lady”. Although targeted for the young market, the scent didn’t meet the discriminating olfactory preference of the youth. Prada still maintains a following because perfume wearers are enamored buy its distinct aroma.

“…This is a patchouli & amber piece. Maybe some citrus at the top, but it’s not a sharp citrus. Even though sandalwood is listed as one of the notes I don’t smell any sandalwood. I wouldn’t call this a sandalwood fragrance by any means. I have a lot of perfumes, but for some reason I keep reaching for this one. It’s not aesthetically perfect, but extremely wearable: sillage is not too strong, not too synthetic/headache inducing, and it’s very dry (which I love)…” (3/25/2008 makeupalley.com)

“… Sum it up in two words; “old” and “lady”. If you truly dislike someone, go to their house and break open and pour out the entire bottle onto their carpet. There would be nothing more cruel.” (1/13/08 makeupalley.com)

Prada Parfum Intense followed in 2005. The notes are similar to the parent scent, a fusion of florals, woods and fruits, but more defined and bolder in character. Its citrusy notes dominate the top notes. The classic sweet scent is sensual and more chic.

Prada Tendre, also identical with the earlier Prada Eau de Parfum fragrances, translates a compelling blend of Siamese benzoin, plum accord, Indonesian patchouli leaves, verbena, cedar wood, labdanum, cardamom, mate leaves, Indian sandalwood, jasmine and vetiver. Launched in 2006 and created by the same perfume designers of Prada’s signature scent, Prada Tendre was developed and marketed to the light scent users. Its sweeter and refreshing scent appeals to the younger market.

The Prada Eau de Parfum line was presented to the market in 2004. Its more recent fragrances include Prada Infusion d’Iris, Infusion d’Homme and Infusion de Fleur d’Oranger.

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Euphoria Perfume by Calvin Klein

March 10, 2009

Buy Euphoria Perfume from scentiments.com

Buy Euphoria Perfume from scentiments.com

Calvin Klein’s Euphoria Perfume for Women is known for its scintillating, sexy and provocative fragrance. Its wonderful scent  starts off with a refreshing note of pomegranate, persimmon, green notes then blends smoothly with black orchid, lotus blossom, champaca flower, liquid amber, mahogany wood, black violet and cream accord. Introduced in 2005 and concocted by perfume designers Dominique Ropion, Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong, Euphoria joins the league of luxury perfumes On the same year,it earned the Best Luxury Fragrance.

Euphoria is originally marketed to the lighter scent perfume users, most of which are Asians. Its top notes of fruity and oriental aroma burst with a light sweetness that slowly dissipates into a mellow muskiness of amber and mahogany. The fragrance exudes a deep and edgy character in it. It’s perfect to suit the coolers months of winter and spring.

Euphoria Blossom’s understated fragrance mimics the original Euphoria. Light and sweet-smelling, the fragrance is considered a toned-down version of Euphoria. The fragrance notes boast a blend of blond wood, white amber, frosted sheer musk, kumquat, pomegranate and a dewy green accord. It’s simple yet gives you a lasting  fragrance all day.

Another Euphoria scent is the Euphoria Lustre. With notes similar to the earlier Euphoria fragrances,
the scent doesn’t stand out as any different. The sweetness of fruits top the fragrance notes and the basic ingredients mirror the Blossom scent.

Calvin Klein’s Euphoria scents generally exudes a light fruity fragrance perfect for daily wear. It’s trendy, chic and not overpowering.

One of the top icons in the fashion industry and creator of the all-American look, Calvin Klein’s brand is a powerhouse of top of the line designer jeans, accessories, underwear, eye wear and fragrances. He  played an important in modern advertising. Through the years, beautiful models and celebrities grace the runaway and pages of elite fashion magazines. The CK perfume line launches a new scent every year. And each creation is something to look foward to.